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Engineering machinery maintenance four

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Construction machinery plays an important role in the construction of the country, so we should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance in time. Maintenance is an effective means to restore the performance of construction machinery and prolong its service life. However, in the actual operation process, some construction machinery maintenance personnel there are a lot of wrong practices, affecting the normal use of construction machinery. Here we introduce some construction machinery maintenance errors, I hope people do not come closer to this misunderstanding.
engineering machinery repair avoid not to check the plunger travel allowance of
in the plunger type fuel pump 's trial, many of the engineering machinery maintenance personnel do not pay attention to check the engineering machinery plunger travel allowance. The so-called piston stroke margin, refers to the plunger by the camshaft on the top of the cam stop point, but also continue to move up the volume. After adjusting the starting time of oil supply, it is necessary to check the margin of travel, because the piston stroke margin and plunger, sleeve wear. After the plunger and sleeve wear, the plunger should move upwards for a period of time to start the oil supply, so that the starting time of the oil supply is delayed. When the adjusting bolt is screwed out or replaced with a thicker cushion block and a shim, the lowest position of the plunger is moved upwards so as to reduce the stroke margin of the plunger. Therefore, in the construction machinery maintenance and commissioning of fuel injection pump, first of all should check the margin of travel, to determine whether the fuel pump is allowed to adjust.
construction machinery maintenance, avoid cylinder clearance measurement,
is not measured in the construction machinery cylinder clearance, failed in the piston skirt perpendicular to the piston pin hole direction measurement, while in other directions measurement. The structure of aluminum alloy piston is small, big and big, one cone, and the skirt section is oval, so the cylinder gap in the circumferential direction is not equal. When measuring, the clearance in the direction of the ellipse's long axis shall be determined, that is to measure the clearance of the piston skirt perpendicular to the direction of the piston pin hole. In this way, the measurement is more convenient and accurate, and in reciprocating motion, the piston skirt is perpendicular to the direction of the piston pin hole, and is greatly worn due to the lateral pressure.
construction machinery maintenance, avoid oil, only do not change
oil, in the use of diesel engine is essential, mainly from lubrication, cooling, cleaning and so on. Therefore, many drivers will pay attention to check the oil amount of oil, and by standard addition, but ignored the lubricating oil quality inspection and had deteriorated oil change, leading to some engine moving parts are always in poor lubricating environment operation, thereby accelerating the parts abrasion. Under normal circumstances, the oil loss is not large, but it is easy to pollution, thereby losing the role of protecting the diesel engine. In the diesel engine operation process, many contaminants (incomplete combustion of fuel, soot and carbon deposition and fouling) will be entered into the oil. For new or after the overhaul of the construction machinery, after the trial operation, the impurities will be more, if only add not change, eager to put into use, it is easy to cause burning tile, holding axle and other accidents. In addition, even if the replacement of oil, some of the driver due to lack of maintenance experience or trouble, but also in the replacement of the oil pipe is not completely cleaned, so that mechanical impurities remain in the oil tank and oil circuit.
engineering machinery maintenance bogey cylinder liner and piston products without matching the installation of
in the engineering machinery maintenance process in engineering machinery to change cylinder and piston, cylinder and piston that are standard parts are interchangeable, installed you can use. In fact, both the cylinder sleeve and the piston have a tolerance range. If the largest size of the cylinder sleeve with the smallest size of the piston, the gap will be too large, resulting in compression weakness, difficult to start. Therefore, we must change size grouping code check standard of cylinder liner and piston, fitted with the cylinder liner and piston size grouping code must be standard piston size grouping code and standard cylinder, the only way to ensure that the clearance between the two is the standard.


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