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The comprehensive maintenance of old master machine notes

Visits:Date:2017/4/14 15:26:11

First, the engine water temperature is high, remove the thermostat, the thermostat seat below the application of small holes plug the plug, to prevent hot water recycling.

Second, the gear pump on the side of the vacuum to generate a suction port. The side of the squeeze side becomes smaller and the pressure is generated, and the back of the valve plate 3 is always facing the discharge port. The valve plate produces the axial force of the squeeze gear under the pressure of the pressure oil to strengthen the seal. But also wear damage after the automatic compensation of the role of compression.

Third, the leading handle within the smallest core of the main role of micro-operation.

Fourth, the individual parts are often blocked, should check whether the pipeline has internal skin, resulting. 5, the distributor stem of the middle of the spring thin than the outer ring is short, should be in the end of the action stroke from the role of buffer, the middle sleeve limit stem stroke.


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