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What about the slow sinking of the drill pipe of the rotary drilling rig?

The fault is characterized by a slow descent of the drill pipe after the stop. The reason may be floating solenoid valve stuck or brake skid and so on. if the floating solenoid valve is stuck, even if it does not stop, the drill pipe may fall slowly. At this point, you can open the floating solenoid valve, the valve will be removed, cleaned, or replace the valve. Long wearing of the brake will cause it to fail to provide sufficient braking force, which will cause brake failure and slow down of…

How to check the excavator circuit?

Excavator used for some time, many excavators master reflects "excavator circuit how to check" the fault. Here the maintenance of the master for you to answer "how to check the problem of excavator circuit" : the how to diagnose the fault of AC generator, generally speaking, when the AC generator in power, alternator indicator should be kept in the off state. When the excavator engine is running, the alternator may be out of order if the alternator indicator lights up. How does the check the c…

Excavator maintenance technology of construction machinery

First, the maintenance staff should have the basic knowledgeBefore the excavator repair, to carefully read the random use of maintenance instructions to the aircraft hydraulic system has a basic understanding. At present, the small and medium-sized excavator hydraulic system is almost always by the main oil and pilot oil pipeline composed of two parts; the main road with dual pump dual loop variable open system, the pilot operating oil are all quantitative system. By reading the technical inform…

Excavator maintenance points at all stages

Four main points of excavator maintenance". In addition, we need to seek regular and meticulous maintenance to make our equipment play an endless capacity. Here we went to study in the different stages of the equipment maintenance projects and key steps! every 100 hours maintenance project: Jib cylinder head pin; boom foot pin; boom cylinder rod end; the bucket rod cylinder head pin; the arm and the bucket rod bucket cylinder rod connecting pin; bucket cylinder rod end; cylinder head pin; half …

Excavator difficult to start reasons, maintenance

The excavator is difficult to start, to start the analysis: excavator excavator maintenance difficult to start and called excavators can't start excavator start difficulties, is not easy to start. The excavator excavator is difficult to start: 1 when the excavator work usually difficult to start when.2 work hard to start in winter the excavator appeared. Excavator difficult to start: 1. diesel pump the cold start pressure is not enough, need to pump the generator. The school is not enough. And t…

Excavator, cornering, weakness, cause

Turn to turn to cause excavator excavator failure phenomenon: Excavator walking straight or turning place are normal, but the operation of any operating lever when walking alone, appeared to turn weakness. Unable to turn: 1 dextral fault excavator motor oil supply less than.2 LS pipeline reverse overflow valve.3 rotary motor on the bad.4 the main valve of the luffing and slewing relief pressure small, adjust the pressure relief valve main valve repair: turn. Excavator working device of excavator…

Concrete pump truck is liable to cause five major accidents

No matter what kind of concrete pump, the working principle is the same, but in some places there are subtle differences, according to a large number of cases of small accidents happened in the past analysis, concrete pump in operation, easy to cause the accident in the following five parts and links: 1. pump mixing funnel part happens every year many accidents. For example, when the pump truck hopper when a fault occurs, the operator needs to remove the hopper of the concrete, if a mechanical…


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