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Construction machinery leasing those things, this time we talk more in-depth!

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At present, China's construction machinery rental market development model for the state-owned enterprises, joint-stock enterprises or private enterprises, individual enterprises and other enterprises.

(1) state-owned enterprises

Some state-owned construction enterprises are engaged in mechanical leasing business earlier. These enterprises are generally in the original internal management institutions on the basis of the establishment of a mechanical company or mechanical materials company. Most of its mode of operation is the use of mechanical compensation within the enterprise, the main service in the construction enterprises, the financial can be an independent accounting. As the machinery and equipment sector is generally a non-profit unit, with the restructuring of enterprises will be stripped as a bad asset out of the earlier into the rental market. Guangdong transport sector had wanted to several large road construction and construction enterprises to carry out centralized management of machinery, set up a joint venture company to carry out large-scale construction machinery leasing and business operations, the initial stage is to lease equipment to related businesses and Units to support the joint venture company at the beginning of the construction of many difficult business. But for various reasons, the operation of the leasing work failed to achieve the initial planning of the ideal, the other leasing business income is difficult to support the normal operation of the company, and finally had to construction construction business, as another new construction enterprises, the original Operating the main business into a subsidiary business. Some highway construction management enterprises, due to the early construction of the highway, the use of foreign government loans or Hong Kong investment in the construction of highways, during the construction period to purchase more construction and maintenance machinery, the project is completed, facing a large number of idle equipment problems, In order to better play the benefits of equipment, improve equipment integrity and utilization, make full use of these resources, so that the value of state-owned assets, have set up a number of specialized leasing companies or machinery construction companies to carry out the leasing business.

(2) joint-stock enterprises

Joint-stock enterprises or private enterprises due to the state on the highway construction, especially the large-scale investment in highway construction, bringing the increasing demand for construction machinery, making the rental market unprecedented, and equipment rental profits higher, resulting in private capital have been put into Construction machinery rental market.

(3) private enterprises

Self-employed due to the smaller social investment channels and the greater risk of stock market investment, especially for road construction, so that some individuals in the form of "guerrillas" actively added to the rental market, in this part of the individual, some of them The original work in the construction or road construction enterprises, due to corporate restructuring, diversion or part-time or resignation, with the industry is more familiar with, initially by purchasing one or two equipment leased to the original unit construction project to collect rent, and then with the business The growing and gradually grow. Others are not familiar with the construction of the original, after friends, fellow, acquaintance and other introduction, but also a partnership to buy equipment to carry out leasing business. Guangdong individual leasing mainly secondary excavators, loaders or earth transport vehicles, they will be a small amount of their own equipment long-term lease to the construction company or construction unit. Which will greatly activate the 90s of last century, Guangdong imported excavator market, so that the second-hand equipment market unprecedented prosperity. In recent years, due to the Guangdong highway from the cement road to the asphalt pavement changes, resulting in the shortage of black asphalt pavement construction machinery, part of the individual operators are also buying double drum vibratory roller, cement stabilized soil paver, asphalt paver The higher value of the equipment to lease.

(4) other enterprises

Vendor leasing is the new type of marketing that the equipment manufacturer and the leasing company or the equipment agent with the leasing business take advantage of the advantages of the leasing business in the process of product sales and achieve the purpose of product promotion. Leasing for the manufacturers of new products to open up the market. Some of the newly developed products, especially the high value, the market and no similar products of new products, because the market awareness is low, it is difficult to open the market. And through the choice of rental marketing, potential users can pay less rent or even very little rent can be the case of the right to use the product. For manufacturers, both on the new product of the industrial test to provide a field test time and opportunities for new product technology to provide first-hand information, but also a new product for free publicity, the market for new products With a better understanding; the same time, users can also directly feel the comprehensive situation of after-sales service manufacturers, to deepen communication with the user and emotional exchanges, benefit the subsequent products are accepted and recognized by the user.


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