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Excavator running deviation

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1. The hydraulic pump is faulty

Under normal circumstances the excavators are used double pump, walking is usually a pump is faulty, the simplest way to judge is: the two high-pressure hydraulic pump tubing on the transfer, if the original slow faster, the original fast Of the slow, proving that there is a pump failure. Remedy: Remove the hydraulic pump, replace the damaged parts, and then to the test bench can be debugged.

2. Travel motor safety valve leakage

Safety valve oil leakage will lead to the system pressure is too low, so that the speed of running the motor is not enough, resulting in running deviation. Exclusion method is: replace the damaged travel motor safety valve; judge the left and right walking motor can be safe to change, to see whether the reverse when the deflection.

3. Excavation of the machine to the side deviation

If the spring inside the main valve to soften or broken, or the spool is stuck, are likely to cause the oil pressure drop, there is running deviation. Check to measure the pressure of walking the main valve oil circuit, the normal value is 32.5mpa. If the main valve is damaged, it is necessary to replace or repair.

Through the above analysis, we can see that 80% of the excavator failure is caused by the maintenance is not timely or improper operation, therefore, should do a good job of excavator maintenance work, while improving the technical level of the operator to reduce the occurrence of failure , To ensure the smooth progress of construction


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